Я ЖЕНИХуя не помню (zytzz) wrote in asiatravel,
Я ЖЕНИХуя не помню

Sri Lanka in August

Hi, all!

I would be very appreciated for all hints on places of accomodation in Sri Lanka, particularly in Arugam Bay. I'm going to travel with my friend and child of 9y.o in the 2nd part of August. As far as I know, there are a lot of gest houses in Arugam but their quality and accomodation conditions leave much to be desired. I've got booked room in hotel, but it is a little bit expensive and not in Arugam or in a place suitable for a very newb surfers =) So, probably I wanted to get information regarding available gests with acceptable conditions and contact details in Arugam or to have some fresh ideas on where we can combine more or less comfortable timespending with our atempts to become surfers )))
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